I am currently a Senior Graphic Designer for a top digital business and news publication, Business Insider. 
I was hired as the first graphics intern at BI in May 2014 and have since had many roles within the company. I was hired full-time as an Associate Graphic Designer in January 2015, after completing my MFA at Ohio University's Scripps School of Visual Communication.

In August 2015 I became the only Graphic Designer for Tech Insider, a tech and science focused sister site to Business Insider. I spent a year building the style guide and handling all graphics needs for a 40 person newsroom. In August 2016, the site was reincorporated back into Business Insider, where I returned as a Senior Graphic Designer. Since then, I have worked with the Senior Graphics Editor to redesign the graphics style for the entire publication, incorporating many elements from my work at Tech Insider.
Outside of work, I enjoy exploring NYC, biking, traveling and training in Krav Maga. I am also available for freelance design work, including infographics, illustrations, promotional/marketing materials and web design. 
Thank you!
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