Advice From My Mom

In April 2015 I launched Advice From My Mom. The project began more than a decade ago when my mom wrote me a series of letters that she put in my lunchbox every day when I was 12. I saved over 100 letters of her wisdom. When it came time to create my Masters Thesis Project for Ohio University's School of Visual Communications, I knew I wanted to share them with the world.
After curated the letters and writing the copy, I designed and built the fully responsive website using Wordpress. 

After the website was published, it was featured on over 15 media sites including Business Insider, The Huffington Post, TODAY show, The Daily Mail, ABC, Parents Magazine and Yahoo.
The home page for the project displays the original box I kept my letters in.
The project features nine lessons I learned from my mom's advice. In between each lesson is a series of related letters.
There is an archive of every letter in order, including additional letters not featured in the slideshow.
The about page explains the history of the project and the credits.

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